The official Oslo Turban

Turban day is back on the 14th of April for the 9th time in Oslo. Volunteer workers handing out turbans and the people of Oslo celebrate differentness together. Non-profit organization Turban Day wants this day to be a sign of acceptance, tolerance and joy. They strive towards Norway being the best country in the world to be different.

Holzweiler's Oslo Paisley was voted by the Norwegian people the official Oslo Turban and will hand out 100 turbans to those first in line. Now it will also be possible to buy the Oslo Turban in an exclusive cotton/silk blend, giving it an exclusive look and shine for special occassions. The whole profit of these sales will go entirely towards local charity work in Oslo.

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Oslo Paisley – Designed by Holzweiler

Our contribution is called the Oslo Paisley; We wanted to create a festive turban, inspired by the colors of our Oslo-Bunad. Our paisley pattern contains what Oslo means to us; The diversity, when east meets west, from the botanical garden at Tøyen, Ski-jumping in Holmenkollen to the Vigeland park at Majorstuen. If you look closely; there are a few more surprises in our pattern, and we hope all habitants and visitors of Oslo come to this years Turban Day!

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