Why the Hanger?

The Beginning

In 2012 siblings Andreas and Susanne Holzweiler launched the brand Holzweiler, with their first luxury scarf collection. The idea was to create something that reflected the beauty we encounter in our everyday lives, combined with sustainability. Focus were all about the use of natural materials and fabrics such as cashmere, silk and wool blends. 

The Holzweiler design, patterns and colors originates from the collaborations with contemporary artists both internationally, and in Norway. This approach and our set of core values has led to a great positive response both in Norway and abroad. Today, we are represented in over 150 stores worldwide, from Harvey Nichols and Liberty in London, Isetan in Japan, Storm in Copenhagen, to Intermix in New York.

“Holzweiler evolved from the idea of creating unique items through wonderful qualities and collaboration with contemporary artists.” Susanne Holzweiler Røe

All about family

Maria, Andreas, Susanne, Peter and Gro Holzweiler are today all part of the company and brand, personifying what's been essential from the start; Building a team that consider themselves as part of something unique; A family living and breathing the brand.

“We strive to be a quintessential fashion house with the ability to create and develop our brand together with our creative team, to achieve our vision” Andreas Holzweiler

In July 2014 Holzweiler launched the first ready-to-wear clothing collection. Collections revolves around everyday basics with a distinct look. A look created through constant inspiration from the arts and collaborations with contemporary artists. The combination of art and fashion has become a signature characteristic of our collections.

After the first ready-to-wear collection launched in 2014, founders Andreas and Susanne was looking for a logo reflecting their identity, vision and future ambitions. 

There were a lot of ideas thrown back and forth, when inspiration suddenly came from one of Andreas’ many tattoos. A hanger tattoo on his right upper arm and a symbol of the business and personal interest he's been part of his entire life. The hanger became a discrete symbol that embodied what Andreas has been passionate and worked for his entire life.

We all looked at it; thinking that a clothes hanger is a perfect example of a genius design, almost unchanged for over 100 years. There are several varieties, colors and materials used, but the essence is a perfect combination of design and functionality.

”The hanger is in its simplicity a perfect symbol of combining design, form and function. Thus, the hanger became our brand logo and symbol, a daily reminder of what we strive to achieve; Clothing with optimal design and function” – Maria Skappel Holzweiler, Designer Holzweiler.

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