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Artist Space. The trilogy comes
to an end at The Museum of
Contemporary Arts

“Sometimes you find yourself in situations where you feel small, full of fear and scared of all things happening in this world; the changes and challenges to come, and what will happen if we believe the forecasts. We have all felt small and naked, invisible and scared of everything. Sometimes we just want to hide. 

Edward Munch used his art to express feelings and emotion. Through his most famous painting, “Skrik”, he shows how a sudden emotion can turn our senses upside down. Changes are scary, but as long as we manage to express ourselves, I believe that change can be for the better. 

In the end, everything is going to be amazing!”

– Maria Skappel Holzweiler, Head Of Design

The monumental stone building, designed by architect Ingvar Hjorth and finished in 1906, was once home to the offices of Norway’s Central Bank. The show marks Holzweiler’s final catwalk presentation in the “Artist Space” trilogy, which began at the Norwegian Opera House.

With the the two previous shows being held at the Norwegian Opera House and Ekely, Edward Munch’s studio, the Fall/Winter 2017 show was the perfect end to the “Artist Space” theme. The Museum of Contemporary Arts, is a widely appreciated confluence of art and architecture with a beautiful Jugend-style interior. 

The museum created the ideal backdrop for the collection. The color palette of muted reds, greens, and shades of nude is taken from pieces found when the Holzweiler creatives gained free and exclusive access to an archive of Edward Munch’s output. This included some of the artist’s less well-known works. 

The team mixed and twisted Munch's expression into something of our own. The Artist space Trilogy is our homage to the Arts and we couldn't ask for a better ending. The show is conceptualized and produced by Moon, the Copenhagen creative agency, and visualized by Berlin-based stylist Veronika Heilbrunner. Hair and make-up by Adam & Eva.

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