Small steps toward a more sustainable future

Taking environmental responsibility and choosing more sustainable fabrics/materials and working methods, have become vital to us. A more sustainable future is a giant leap to be made, but we can’t ignore the fact that suppliers and customers need to become more curious and engaged - and make better choices together. 

With patience, and by taking necessary small steps with the guidance and help of IEH (Ethical Trading Initiative Norway) we hope to get there eventually.


“We are trying to improve every season, by now we have managed to make some small changes: All of our lambswool scarves and some of the jackets are made of approx. 60% recycled wool, we have a zero-waste policy and all of our scarves comes in degradable bio-plastic packaging"

Susanne Holzweier - Brand Director

Plastic-free path


Becoming a company with minimal plastic waste is a major focus area. As of today, we have managed to replace all of the plastic packaging on our lambswool products (Scarves, plaids, beanies, mittens & ponchos) with all of these items produced in Europe. We work towards complete removal of all plastic from the rest of our collections, a challenging task working with different manufacturers in different countries. However, we are ready to take on this challenge - our long-term goal is to get 100% plastic free by the end of 2019. 

 “Recycled wool, biodegradable plastic bags, and recycled water. We never wanted to compromise on the quality of materials and sustainable production, and we are also working on new methods and trying to find even more sustainable materials.

For example, our denim production is now handled with fewer water processes, fair trade cotton, non-toxic dyes with the goal of becoming a zero-waste company”


– Susanne Holzweiler, Brand Director

The bags used for packaging are made out of innovative bioplastics based on plant components, which makes them biodegradable. All commercial products are certified according to the European and international standards at Institutions of Accredited certification, that guarantee biodegradation in different disposal environments. The bags are also possible to be composted though “organic recycling” together with kitchen and garden waste.

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