Holzweiler X Scandinavian Edition

Scandinavian Edition are recognized for bringing their dedicated work and research into every detail; For you to appreciate and feel the difference. Holzweiler X Scandinavian Edition are multipurpose and highly technical jackets with outdoor properties and a clean Scandinavian city look.

We let design and functionality play together. We wanted to defy Scandinavian weather and rough conditions. Holzweiler design combined with outdoor properties is our approach to the perfect outer layer, without compromising on look and style.

All Holzweiler X Scandinavian Edition jackets features:

• Waterproof outer shell and 24h breathability

• Taped seams for added waterproofness

• YKK zipper

• Pockets with magnetic sealing

• Exceptional Laminated Placket Protection

• Ergonomically shaped sleeves

• Anatomical shaping for fit and comfort

Phantomine - Coat

Insulated, water- and windproof long coat with hoodie. Magnetically sealed pockets and ergonomically shaped body sleeves for a perfect fit. YKK-zipper and high-visibility area on both sleeves.

Macbeth – Jacket

Water- and windproof long jacket with taped seams, magnetically sealed pockets and classic collar. Ergonomically shaped sleeves, YKK-zipper and lightweight construction. 

Macbeth - Jacket comes in black and navy

Poqueline – Jacket

Bomber-style lightweight jacket with contrast colored collar and sleeves. Water- and windproof with YKK-zipper and magnetically sealed pockets. 

Poqueline jacket comes in army greenblack and navy

Mac - Coat

A long wind- and waterproof coat with a classic collar that can be worn upwards or folded down. Magnetically sealed pockets, taped seams and YKK-zipper. 

Mac - Coat comes in teal, black and navy

Moliere - Bomber Jacket

Highly technical and lightweight bomber-style jacket. Ribbed collar and sleeves in contrast color. Water- and windproof with YKK zipper and magnetically sealed pockets.

Moliere - Bomber comes in army green, navy and black

See the full range of Holzweiler X Scandinavian Edition jackets here

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