Holzweiler Spring/Summer 2019 Runway Show

We are delighted to have taken our audience on an intimate camping adventure in Copenhagen this afternoon. You can watch the live stream of the entire show here 

The location was an old factory building previously used for plastic production, now run by The Plant who want to make up for the building’s not-so-environmental-friendly-history by offering a green venue. 

They’re strong focus on sustainability is similar to our philosophy and one of the reasons we chose the venue in the first place. Holzweiler's SS19 collection, named Vår Sommer, is a celebration of Scandinavian summer, with the runway—a giant dimly lit tent art directed by Magnus Naddermier—that really gave you just that.


“We find the Scandinavian summer very exotic and different from the rest of the world,” says co-founder Susanne Holzweiler, “and to us it’s all about spending time in nature, feeling free, careless whilst being with the ones you love. Thus, we created a collection we want to see worn by our friends and families.”


The looks, styled by Alexandra Carl, took you on a tour from the Scandinavian archipelago to the high mountains of Norway. Our chosen color palette was warm and vivid, moving from the shore with different nuances of blue, green and mint to the warmer yellow, peach and pink inspired by late sunsets. A hint of neon from life jackets, army green from mountain gears, and materials inspired by mosquito nets and tents. 

And in true Holzweiler spirit, the collection was accompanied by an art piece — this time through a short story by the Norwegian poet Alexander Fallo, who had captured the collection and topic with his own words. In addition to being embroidered on white t-shirts, the story was printed in a little booklet given to everyone attending our show. And just as we thought it couldn’t get any cozier, the poet himself started reading the story as the models entered the runway.

Short excerpt (In Norwegian):

vår sommer

trenger alle disse lagene

disse vennene disse

plaggene skiftende bris stekende sol

vi tar de av vi tar de på

som deg og meg og dem

vi er alle disse lagene

ingen av oss er kun en varm sommer

vi er regnet som

slår mot vinduet


men vi er også dagen etter


vi er bålplassen ved hytta

og toget hjem

In English:

our summer

all these layers

these friends and ends and endings

the garments changing like breeze and stinging sun

we take them off we take them on


like you and me and them

we are all these layers

neither of us is just this

we are also rain drops as

they hit the window


we are also the day after

we are the camp fire by the cabin

and the train home 

Furthermore a musical act created specifically for the occasion by the Danish-Australian pianist Alexander McKenzie, might let you imagine the show’s unique and intimate atmosphere. The icing on the cake, however, was the runway itself as the future of the giant tent made the show come full circle: it will be reused and returned as a new take on Holzweiler’s signature piece; The Holzweiler Poncho.


SS19 is our 10th consecutive collection and we hope the show proves that we've been around for a while and that we're definately planning to stick around for a long time to come!

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