“Give joy to someone who dreads Christmas”

Many people don’t associate Christmas with joy. In 2015, 125.000 Norwegians stated in a survey that they dreaded Christmas.

For many the time leading up to Christmas and Christmas itself, tend to be a painful reminder of loneliness, broken family bonds, poverty and the feeling of exclusion.

Fewer people dread Christmas in a warmer society.

Holzweiler supports The Church city mission in Norway (Kirkens Bymisjon), and encourages everyone to support the campaign “Give joy to someone who dreads Christmas”.

Give joy to someone who dreads Christmas by supporting the Church City Mission’s work in providing dinners and a place to eat for people on the streets and those addicted to drugs or alcohol. 

20% of all revenue today will be given to the Church City Mission’s work. You can help immediately (In Norway only) by donating your desired amount to the Church City Mission’s work in providing Christmas dinners to those who really need it by VIPPS to 2490

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